Business for Life: Meet the Experts- Kathryn Macmillan, Nine To Three

During our Business For Life 12 month program, it’s all about connecting, learning and growing – which is why I’m so passionate about aligning the right experts and delivering world-class education to help support our community.


Throughout the year, participants connect with like-minded people in an x-ceptional networking environment, enabling a community of support  and collaboration. Our experts cover every element of business: HR, IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Communications, Mindset, Leadership and Productivity.


This blog, meet one of our experts – to not only understand their area of expertise but to understand what it is about their mindset that makes them ‘x-ponential’.


Experts- HR: Kathryn MacMillan, Nine To Three Employment Solutions


Kathryn has more than eighteen years of experience in recruiting and managing staff. She is a specialist in the field of business administration, small business management and bookkeeping. With an in depth knowledge of many industries and their varied recruitment needs, she and her team can structure your HR so it works to help free you from compliance and employment contracts. Yet more than that, she is passionate about small business, growth and community and the force behind the St George and Sutherland Shire’s Biggest Business Morning Tea. We asked Kathryn a couple of non-HR type questions, so you get to know the person behind the skills.


1) From your area of expertise, what four things does a small business owner need to do to be Exponential?

Working in the HR space, I’ve seen so many personality types who succeed. There’s notKathryn Macmillan one type of personality, but there are traits I see over and over. These are:

Be resilient – never give up, even when you feel hopeless. It’s that resilience that delivers on goals.

Think outside the box – it’s a well-worn phrase but there are plenty of people happy to stay in the box, so look outside of it.

Always believe in yourself – sometimes that can be hard (see my point about resilience) but, no matter how large a team you build, you are always going to have to remember to believe in yourself first.

Don’t listen to the dream takers – you are the sum of the seven people you hang around with the most. Choose dream supporters and champions around you, as well as the ones who give you the real and honest reality checks. But never settle for people who will say you can’t do it.


2) One piece of advice you would offer to yourself in your first year of business, knowing what you do now?

We can be so impatient! Especially now as technology speeds our world and flow of information up. I’d tell my one-year old business self: slow and steady wins the race.


3) Who would you like to be sat on a 24 hr flight next to, and why?

My husband because he is the best person in the world to travel with, or perhaps Shakespeare – how did he know so much about Italy – did he really write all the plays? Or possibly Leonardo da Vinci – why did you only paint 16 paintings and do you know I intend to see all 16 before I die? I’d love to know who was the model for David.


4) Where would you like to be in your own business in 5 years time?

I am blessed with a great team. So I’d like to be contracting back to the business once in a blue moon!
Kathryn can be reached via and, of course, you can benefit from her expertise as a member of our 12 month Business for Life program. Learn more here.

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