Just Attending Training Courses Isn’t Enough

At B-x, we’re big fans of training programs – fairly obviously as we run one. We’re fans for ourselves too and regularly invest in training and professional development for all of our team members.

But it’s vital to remember that just going to the training session or conference or event isn’t enough.

Participating in these events are an important impetus and inspiration for change. However real, lasting change and results will only come from implementing a process to take action.

It’s also unrealistic to try to instigate big changes overnight. You’ll simply be overwhelmed and burn out from trying to do too much at once.

So what’s the answer? How do you make sure that investment in training and development isn’t just a big expense with no reward or business impact?


It’s easy in business to get distracted by the latest shiny new thing and training sessions are no exception to this. When deciding what to action, take the time to consider the likely impact of the changes you want to make on your business, from zero being no impact, up to ten being maximum impact. To prevent becoming overwhelmed by all the things you could be doing, this process will help you determine the things you should be doing.

Put your training resources into actionattending 2

It’s simple really – regular, consistent action after chunking down big goals into smaller, achievable targets. Before attending the training, it’s helpful to be clear on what you want to get out of this investment and the ideal changes you want to see. After you’ve attended the training event, or completed the course, take a moment to assess if those same goals still apply or if you have new objectives as a result of what you learnt and were inspired by.

Then make a plan.

Schedule time in your calendar to make time each day, week or month to implement specific actions as a result of the training. For example, if your goal is to improve business planning, schedule non-negotiable time in your diary for taking ten minutes to plan each day, thirty minutes to set goals for the week ahead, and half a day to review objectives for the month.

Don’t delay

The other important step is to build momentum straight away. After any training event, pick one action that you can complete within 24 hours. Get a small win on the board and use this to motivate you to keep going to make progress to your big overall goal.

Commitment and consistency

Without a doubt the factor that will have the most impact on your business is your own commitment. Consistent action and aiming for continual growth will serve you and your business more than sporadic bursts of activity after the latest webinar you sign up for.

Be accountable

The other great tip to keep you on track and committed to making changes is to find someone to be accountable to and report on your progress. This might be a business coach, a mentor, or even members of your team. By publically stating goals and regularly reporting your progress towards those goals, you can see the progress and be encouraged to continue chipping away.

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